Government Registered Tattoo Studio SINCE 2011



Permanent makeup is pigment work here we can solve many natural Hair, Skin & Lips problems. As a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist you’ll use specialized ink and several different kinds of tools to create a long-lasting change to the appearance, complexion, color of your clients’ skin. Your success & reputation will be based on client perception, your Level of Professionalism & the degree of confidence instill Eyebrow Correction (Microblading & Needle) Scalp, Beard & Moustache Correction Lips color & Shape change. White or Black patch correction Skin color correction, white patch & dark spots corrections. Hygine & Safety Aftercare Certificate will be Provided


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Long Lasting Makeup

Permanent Makeup can last long time. Permanent Makeup can last from 3 to 10 years deepening on various factors

Permanent Makeup is safe

We use sterilized instruments for Makeup Hence Permanent Makeup offered by us is safest


Painless Procedure

You might feel little discomfort during procedure. But permanent makeup offered by us are relatively painless


Permanent Makeup in Bangalore

Creative inks offers best permanent makeup in Bangalore. If you are looking permanent makeup for low prices you can contact us.